The top 10 brands on facebook: How many people are actually talking about them?

Big brands on Facebook have done a good job building a big number, their Fan count. But brand communities are reaching a new level of maturity, it’s not enough to build a big number, it’s important what you do with them, and the value you provide for them. Fostering this relationship and driving valuable engagement after they join your community, what we’re terming Afterlike Marketing is becoming the primary focus of forward thinking social brands, and Facebook’s new and very public “People Talking About” metric paints a sharp picture of the opportunity being left on the table. With the ten largest brand communities on Facebook ranging from 1.9% of their fans engaging as a high point, to an almost invisible .2 percent, we think a disruptive shift in how brands interact with their fans is not far behind.

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2 thoughts on “The top 10 brands on facebook: How many people are actually talking about them?

  1. Quora says:

    Is a Facebook Like considered to be true fan engagement?…

    I’d say, generally no. There has been an excessive amount of attention to how many fans a brand has, and thus a push for those brands to build that “big dumb number”. As social brand marketing is gaining more maturity, there’s an increasing push to…

  2. Quora says:

    Where are leaderboards showing the most talked about Pages on Facebook?…

    I haven’t seen a real time leaderboard (good idea though) but we put together an infographic rating the top 10 brands on facebook by fan count, and the engagement rate of each based on the “People Talking About” metric. Starbucks was top with about …

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